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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Light and Dark Lace Scrapbook Elements

Light and Dark Lace Elements

You will receive three different lace patterns. Each in grey and white. You can use your graphics program to color them to match your scrap projects or any other craft project you are using them for. They share the same terms of use as my other graphics.

The display shows just an example of how they look in different colors like pink, blue, beige, rose and light blue. You will only receive the two colors of white and grey. Each are 3600 wide and 300dpi.

Vintage Easter Clip Art Collection 3

Vintage Easter 3 Clip Art

This collection contains 30 images. (Not all graphics are shown on display) All images are high quality jpg files.

This kit contains beautiful vintage Easter cards and can be used for a variety of craft projects you make for either personal use or commercial use. The images can also be used to create beautiful scrapbook pages.

Craft Ideas:

Vintage Easter cards

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Easter Graphics

Vintage Easter Images

This collection contains 33 images. (Not all graphics are shown on display) Two of the images have been converted to transparent PNG format.

This kit contains beautiful vintage Easter cards and can be used for a variety of craft projects you make for either personal use or commercial use. The images can also be used to create beautiful scrapbook pages.

Craft Ideas:

Vintage Easter cards



Vintage Children Greeting Cards

Vintage Children Greeting Cards

This collection contains 30 high quality jpg images. Most are scanned greeting cards and there are a few scanned vintage images which I was able to convert to PNG format. In total, you will receive 40 graphics.

The clipart in this kit contains many vintage birthday and christmas cards. Perfect for creating birthday cards, christmas cards and invitations. These graphics will also work well for scrapbooking. The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Angel Graphics

Vintage Angels Clip Art

This vintage graphic set includes 30 high quality images of vintage angels. All are in jpg format. (Not all images are shown).

This is a beautiful set that can be used for many different craft projects. Some examples would be:

Easter Cards



Vintage Advertisements

Vintage Advertisements

This collection of vintage ads includes 30 images and are all in jpg format. (Not all graphics are shown).

This is a beautiful vintage set of ads that can be used for a variety of craft projects. Some of the ads are from Wranglers, Geo. Ringler & Co. Lager Beer, EDNA, Chocolat Ph. Suchard, Jay Bee's, T.F. Peirce & Co. Fine Shoes, Reynolds Brothers, and Red Dandies Cigars just to name a few!

Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans Clip Art

Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans

Large collection of Easter eggs and Jelly Beans. This kit contains 31 graphics in 300dpi. Blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and hot pink Easter eggs. Some are decorated with Easter bunnies, some have polka dots and other decorations. The jelly beans come in yellow, orange, black, white, pink, green, purple, red and blue.

This collection is exclusive to The Clipart Corner. The graphics shown can be used for a variety of craft projects and share the same terms of use as our other collections.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Card Fronts

These are two 5.25x5.25 Easter card fronts. This collection can be used for Easter cards and you may use these graphics for other crafts as they don't necessarily need to be used for a printable card. You will receive both the PNG and JPG at 300dpi.

Craft Ideas for this collection:

Printable Easter Cards
Glass blocks
Anything you create and decorate for Easter

The printable cards were designed by The Clipart Corner with a special thanks to Alice Smith (Whimsy Primsy) for the graphics in this collection.

Easter Clip Art 2

Easter Clipart kit 2

This collection includes a variety of cute Easter bunny's, decorated Easter eggs, two Easter baskets, a bunny sitting in an Easter egg and a Happy Easter banner.

The backgrounds are large at 1500x1500. All clipart is 300dpi and are in JPG and PNG format.

Easter Clip Art 1

Easter Clipart 1

Included are several cute Easter bunnies with Easter eggs and Easter Bunny's decorating Easter eggs. There are Easter egg border, decorated eggs, banner and Easter basket.


Easter Flower Pots Clip Art

This cute collection of Easter flower pots include four high quality graphics. Images are of chickens in flower pots, jelly beans, Easter eggs and flowers. This kit contains three large scrap papers.

The backgrounds are 1500x1500 in size and the clip art is 300dpi in PNG and JPG formats.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

When I Grow Up Boys Clip Art

When I Grow Up Boys Clipart

This cute collection includes five high quality images of  boys dressed up as a Police Officer, Fireman, Doctor, Chef and one is wearing Military or Army fatigues.

Craft Ideas for this kit:
  • Card making
  • Invitations
  • Candy Wrappers much more!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Using Photoshop Brushes in Paint Shop Pro

Have you ever wanted to use some of the beautiful brushes that have been created for Photoshop but use Paint Shop Pro?  For one reason or another, you don't want to switch to yet another graphic program?  If so, I think you will find this article very informative.

I have seen graphics created in both programs and can normally tell the difference. I've often wondered why but keep in mind I'm not a graphic designer so this might be a funny comment for some of you.  Don't get me wrong as I like to 'doodle' around with these beautiful graphics on my site but the artwork I sell is by artists that are very talented in what they do.  Personally, I envy them for havinge such talent in making these beautiful high quality images..

Before you continue through the rest of this article, I would like to remind you that there are many Photoshop brushes you can find for free on the internet.  Keep in mind they were all created by a graphic designer and there is alot of work that goes into making them.  Please read the terms of use prior to downloading any of these files.  I found many that are free for commercial and personal use.  However, there are many that are only to be used for personal use.  Make sure you know what the terms are before using any of these brushes.

I discovered a really handy tool that will enable you to use the beautiful brushes that were created for Photoshop.  These are the .abr files or Photoshop brush files.  It is really quite simple after researching this on the internet, I tried it myself and it works perfectly. I thought I'd share this tip with you.

All that you need to do is convert the .abr files to .png files and then export them while in Paint Shop Pro to a custom brush.  You might be wondering how they are converted.  This too is very easy.  First you will need to download and install ABRviewer by Luigi Bellenca.  Luigi, thank you for this wonderful program!

This is a great little tool.  It is very easy to install and use.  Once you have gone to the link above and downloaded it and have it installed, open the program.  From the top menu, click on 'File', then 'Open Brush Sets'.  Navigate to the folder in which you have your .abr file, highlight it and click on open.  You will see a progress bar on the lower left hand corner showing you the progress of the conversion.

Once it is finished converting the files, you will have a preview of each brush contained within the .abr file. This is very handy.  Some of the brushes don't have clear visuals when you download them from a site on the internet.  With this little tool, you can be selective in the brushes you want converted to png files. 

If you like the brushes shown on the thumbnails, the next step is to export them into a folder on your local drive.  From the program menu, choose 'Export' then 'Thumbnails'.  Navigate to the folder where you want the converted .abr files saved and click on 'ok'. 

You have just converted the Photoshop Brush File (.abr) to a .png file (Portable Network Graphics) and saved it locally. Easy enough, isn't it???  :)

Lastly, all you need to do is open each .png file in Paint Shop Pro.  I used Paint Shop Pro X.  I haven't tested other versions.  I don't think there will be a problem converting them to custom brushes within other versions of PSP X and above. 

Once you have the file opened within PSP, make sure you remove any area around the png file by using the crop tool.  You want to get rid of as much white space as you can.  The last step is to select 'File' from the menu in PSP and then 'Export', 'Custom Brush File'.  All of the png files I converted could be no larger than 500x500.  If you receive a message regarding the file size before exporting it, you will need to resize it first. 

Now you can use the same beautiful brushes available for Photoshop using Paint Shop Pro via the brush tool. 

Tips:  If you receive an error when you open ABRviewer similiar to this:

(Failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.) 

It is probably because you do not have Microsoft .NET Framwork installed.  Most of you won't need to worry about this as you will probably already have this installed.  If you don't, you will have to have it in order to use the ABRviewer. 

Go to this site:  and download the latest .NET Framework. 

Enjoy!  :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple Pie Clip Art

Apple Pie Clipart by Whimsy Primsy

All American!  Apple Pie!  :)  Twelve high quality images and two scrap papers.  This collection includes 'Grandma's Apple Pie' banner, basket of apples, caramel apple, 'A' is for apple sign, apple cider, kitchen cabinet with all things 'Apple' inside and an apple pie.

Idea list:

Card Making
Recipe Cards
Digitized Embroidery Patterns

Primitive Country Clip Art

Americana Clipart

This collection includes 8 graphics with a primitive country theme.  Included in this set are images of a crow, crow with flag, sheep, primitive sheep with crow, American flag, lamb and apple slices.  These graphics can be used for card making, magnets, hang tags, business cards, calendars.  The options are endless. 

Pirate Clip Art

Pirates Clipart by Whimsy Primsy

Are you a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean?  Then these images are for you!  :)  Contains 16 designs including pirates, hook, sword, treasure map, treasure chest, pirate ship and pirate hat with cross bones.

All About the Girls Clip Art

All About the Girls Clipart

This kit is for your tween or teenager and has 18 graphics.  It includes cute 'girly' (Tweens) images such as a pink cell phone, compact with mirror, pink purse, perfume bottle, nail polish, high heels, flower hair barrette, pink pen, Diva, Girly and Shopping sign along with diary, bubble bath and pink necklace. 

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Printable Invitation Cards by Whimsy Primsy

There are ten card fronts in this set.  It includes baby shower invitations for both a boy and a girl baby shower.  There are cute images on each card such as a rocking horse, a stork, balloons, an expecting Mom and baby foot prints in both blue and pink.

Birthday Celebration Clip Art

Birthday Celebration Clipart by Whimsy Primsy

Contains a large selection and includes 25 graphics, 2 picture frames and 3 scrap papers.
This collection contains pink, blue and multi-colored balloons and an 'Over the Hill' balloon set.  Also includes birthday party hats, cupcakes, birthday cake, wrapped presents, happy birthday, sweet 16, 'Over the Hill', and a 'Celebrate' sign, One through Five numbers, confetti, and 'Happy Birthday' and one balloon picture frame.  Lastly, are 3 very large backgrounds

Baby Shower Girl Clip Art

Baby Shower Girl Clipart contains 14 graphics.  Included in this set are cute baby girl signs, a pink carriage, rattle, baby bib, onesies, rocking horse, baby sleeping on a cloud and a moon and one baby shower invitation.  There is also included two scrap papers.  Size is 1500x1500 and can be reduced in size to accommodate all craft projects.

Baby Shower Boy Clip Art

Baby Shower Boy Clipart by Whimsy Primsy

This collection contains 15 Graphics for immediate download.  It includes cute baby boy signs, a blue carriage, rattle, baby bib, onesies, rocking horse, baby sleeping on a cloud and a moon and one baby shower invitation.  Also included in this collection are 2 very large backgrounds in blue and multicolor stripe (size 1500x1500) which can be reduced in size according to your needs.

Baby Shower for Boy and Girl Mega Clip Art by Whimsy Primsy

Baby Shower Mega Clipart by Whimsy Primsy

This is a huge collection of baby shower clip art.  There are 50 graphics in this set.  

It includes a large variety of baby signs in pink, blue, green and yellow that read 'Baby Shower', 'Celebrate', 'Blessing', 'Twins', 'Cute', 'Baby', 'Love', 'Baby Girl', 'Baby Boy', 'Expecting', baby blue and pink foot prints, blue, pink, yellow and green diaper pins, diaper, baby carriage, bibs, expecting Moms, rocking horse, rattles, stork, baby balloons and SO much more!  There are also 6 scrap papers which are 1500x1500 each.  They can be reduced in size depending on your needs.